General Description:

An online multiplayer game with the goal of dominating the map by covering it with the color of your cube. Compete against other players to claim territory.


Move the cube using the mouse. The objective is to cover a significant portion of the map and eliminate opponents. No weapons or additional actions; victory relies on strategy.

Tips and Tactics:

Take calculated risks to progress and avoid being boxed in by opponents. Start by covering a large area. Exercise caution when encountering opponents; bait them to capture their trails.

Game Modes:

Classic, Teams, Small Map, Fast Speed, World Conflict, World Map, Battle Royale, and Party Mode


Name and customize the appearance of your cube. Unlock skins through game sharing or completing challenges.

General Description: A real-time .io game where the objective is to dominate territory by painting it. Face off against other players in a competition for land.


Use the mouse to move and paint. Dominate areas by creating connections to your color. Beware of exposing your tail to opponents, as contact can lead to destruction.

Tips and Tactics:

Play cautiously and assess the situation before expanding territory. Boldly attack opponents when their tails are exposed; claim their previously inhabited spaces. Move around the edges of the map to minimize exposure while claiming more space.


Real-time online matches with other players. Customize your image with unique skins. Addictively fun gameplay.

Release Date and Developer:

Release Date: August 2018 (iOS), September 2018 (Android), March 2019 (HTML5). Developer: Voodoo.